Our creamery is certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) and we strive to make rich, delicious cheeses that we hope you will enjoy.  All of our cheeses are now are made from the 100% grass-fed organic Jersey milk of Severy Farm in Cornwall, Vermont.

Our first products were ACS-award winning Old Fashioned Organic Cream Cheese, followed by another award-winner,  Organic Champlain Triple.  We produce a Maple Old Fashioned Cream Cheese featuring the maple syrup of Werner Tree Farm.

Pyramid Scheme is an ash-ripened, pyramid-shaped version of our original triple creme.   Recently we introduced Champlain Truffle Triple flavored with Italian black summer truffles.

In order to utilize the skim milk produced by cream separation, we introduced our Organic Queso Fresco made from a blend of skim and whole milk.  Additionally, we make Organic Smoked Queso, lightly hickory smoked, and Pepper Queso, spiced with Peppadew and jalapeno peppers.

  • Pepper Queso

    Our Pepper Queso features the addition of sweet Peppadew and spicy jalapeno peppers to the curd before moving to the forms.  The spicy/sweet combination makes for a high-brow version of pepper jack!

  • Organic Champlain Triple

    American Cheese Society Award Winner

    Organic Champlain Triple is a beautiful soft ripened triple creme with a bloomy white rind. Produced from cultured whole milk and cream, Champlain Triple is hand ladled into traditional crottin molds and aged approximately 10 days.

    It has a rich, creamy interior flavor that is offset by a delicious earthy rind with hints of mushroom. Organic Champlain Triple is a must-have for any cheese plate.

  • Old Fashioned Organic Cream Cheese

    American Cheese Society Award Winner

    Old Fashioned Organic Cream Cheese is made without stabilizers or preservatives from cultured fresh organic cow’s milk and cream.  This is real cream cheese, not whipped industrial cheese loaded with vegetable gums.

    It has a perfect balance of creaminess and tanginess that is unlike any other cream cheese.  It’s great on a bagel, on sandwiches, baked in your favorite dessert or simply on its own.

  • Organic Queso Fresco

    Organic Queso Fresco is a soft Mexican-style cheese, meaning simply “fresh cheese” in Spanish.  This cheese crumbles on tacos when young and fresh, and becomes more of a shredding and snacking cheese as it matures.

    Organic Queso Fresco shreds and melts nicely making it a perfect topping for tacos, pizza, burritos, salads and anywhere you use mozzarella and other fresh cheeses.

  • Organic Smoked Queso

    We built a smoker and began hickory smoking our Queso Fresco to create our Smoked Queso.  It’s great for snacking and cooking, anywhere a hint of smokey flavor would be desired.  Put on tacos, pizza or eat on it’s own!  Available in 4 pound wheels and 8 oz retail wedges.

  • Pyramid Scheme

    Pyramid Scheme is our pyramid shaped triple cream with a layer of vegetable ash between the paste and rind.

    Both the shape and ash layer change the ripening of this cheese you get even more of the creamy, grassy flavors of the milk.  And the layering of white mold, black ash and yellow paste is just aesthetically cool!

  • The Milk

    We use our small tanker to haul our 100% grass-fed organic Jersey cow milk from Severy Farm in Cornwall, VT, about 15 minutes from our creamery in Middlebury.  View our process to learn how our products go from farm to your table.

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